Being In This Moment

Being in this moment,

To feel, to breathe, emotions spring forth life in my soul.

Could there be a better gift to offer myself?

No, none better, or more valuable, 

And certainly not any more true.


Being in this moment,

In waiting, for the light—the sun to hoist up one more day.

For this life to wake, to stretch, and to sing.  

While observing all that stirs around, I become aware of what stirs inside.  

The murmurs of my soul, the voice of me, 

Too often silenced in the business of life, is simple again.


Being in this moment,

To accept this beautiful invitation,

Bearing witness with my own eyes, the azure atmosphere, the burgeoning foliage,

Inhaling with each deep breath, the fresh, the crisp aromas of life,

Touching with my real fingers, the green grasses, the sandy soil, the animal and his moist sweat.


Being in the moment,

Living, loving this nature, and this special place.

Documenting with my eyes, body, spirit, and lungs.

Loving everything.

Loving blue, loving green, loving water, loving the white horses.


Being in the moment,

Welcoming the solitude, the space between myself and the bustle.

The empty vessel that I have become, 

Can once more, fill itself with the simple love and the beauty that is here just for me.