All The White Horses

It’s the light in Camargue…. Its glow radiates in the atmospheric dust, which sort of acts as a natural filter.  And then, it gleams hues of cerulean, cobalt, and a hint of lilac.  What’s more, the intensity of the tints shift as the light makes its soft passage throughout the day.  And that is the backdrop to the rest of the beauty in this place.

I came here for the white horses.  Their beauty, history, and life in this nature, like the force of a magnet, called to me.  I had only one mission, to experience being in their midst; to touch them with my fingers, and lose myself in their eyes, to observe their interactions with each other, and with man, to have a better understanding of their way of life, their resiliency in this harsh environment of salty water, cold Mistral north winds, and vicious mosquitos.  

Notwithstanding being a beautiful specimen of a horse, I am drawn to the Camargue for it’s unknown origins, for being one of the oldest breeds on this earth, and for its semi-feral existence.  This horse, has the essence of time gone by, an antiquated charm, a concept that I, as an artist, am naturally drawn to. 

I love to paint the Camargue horses.  And though I’ve only touched the surface of their essence, I see myself in them, in their spirits, and their resiliency.  And now, my connection to them has been heightened to a new level.  My only hope, is that my work reflects the emotions I experienced in Camargue, and that in the end, the light that filled my soul in this magical place, radiates through my art, and in my life.