BURGUNDY - A Lifestyle Worth Sharing

Let’s be clear: My love affair with wine has always existed, but it grew to epic proportions once I met the inspiring Sébastien Marquet. Being from Burgundy has something to do with it, no doubt. The wine culture runs deep through the veins of those born there.  Wine is a natural part of the Burgundy lifestyle entrenched with wholesome food, warm family, and good friends. 

On my first ever trip to Burgundy back in 2010, all my five senses were engaged as I experienced one of the most memorable experiences of my life.  However, as a visual artist, the scenic views are what struck me most of all. The front stage of the most famous wine region in the world was as nothing I had seen before in a wine country region – a tapestry of textures and colors is how I describe the miles upon miles of vineyards clustered together along La Cote d’Or.  

The quaint backstage experiences were remarkable. Fine wine tastings in tiny cramped cellars; frolicking forever along rows of vast, never-ending vineyards; my fingers touching the rich soils; hearing the stories of the people who cultivate the vines and vinified the wines — These are just a few examples of the special human moments I was so fortunate to experience while in Burgundy. 

Observing is one of my favorite pastimes, and observe I did in Burgundy: A cooper skillfully creating a barrel. The town Marchés with their piles of cheese wheels, olives, and sausages organized in large wicker baskets. The white Charolaises in the green countryside fields, the medieval structures, and the stones that make up the sacred Abbeys. These were life-changing observations to one degree or another. 

As I organize our next tour, I reminisce on the great memories of our past experiences. I journal just about everything I do, and Burgundy is no different. Flipping through my old journal pages and seeing my sketches and visuals invites that Burgundy feeling to possess my spirit.  

And I think … This is a Lifestyle Worth Sharing!  And tonight is a good time to open that fantastic bottle of Volnay 1e Cru 2008 with my love, Sébastien.

If you are interested in joining us, there are just a few open spaces left on our upcoming tour, which runs June 25 through July 2, 2017. Sébastien and I enjoy nothing more than sharing the history, culture, and good wine of his homeland with like-minded people. 

I invite you to join us and visit Burgundy not as a tourist, but as part of our family. To find out more, visit www.BurgundyX.com