The Gift

What began as a project I had dreamed up 9 months prior, turned out to be one of the greatest, most rewarding gifts I have ever given myself; the gift of time, alone, with my solitude, and my creative process. Leaving my other life obligations behind, and focusing on my art practice, yoga, and meditation, restored and energized my being-- a resurrection of sorts. 

This last Winter, I packed my art materials and media, along with my dog Sketch, and we drove cross-country from my home and studio in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, to Guerneville, California. Once arrived at my coastal redwoods destination, I quickly settled into my private little cottage, and set up what would become my art studio for the next 3 months. Quiet mornings, walks in woods, journal entries, and simply observing nature, informed my art, and sharpened my focus. Yet, before I knew it, and all too soon at that, it was time to go. Sketch and I packed our art, and materials once more, and headed back home to find Sebastien, and our east coast life. My heart and spirit, more light and free from spending time in my spiritual home, my being filled with new ideas for art creation. And then I drove... contemplating the details of my sejour until I had arrived. Will need a replica of this experience again soon.