My paintings and drawings vary from gestural and expressive monochromatic representations of horses and figures, expressive portraiture, linear expression, and layered mixed media. The use of differing substrates from paper, plastered canvas, and wood often combine to form a collage ensemble on a larger scale panel.

Influenced by primitive and ancient art, my mixed media works are executed through a series of layering processes combining thick painterly applications and thin delicate glazes or dry pigments. I like to recreate the sense of “time gone by,” with rustic elements on my substrates. Charcoal, India ink, and dry pigments have long been the main staples in my art-making process.

My focus with relief and sculpture is to create simple non-objectified, repeated abstract forms, embedded in texture and layers of applications. I explore with my immediate environment, natural or fabricated, and assemble abstract structures that emulate earth’s textures, sensuality, and harmony. My themes revolve around resurrection, freedom, courage, peace, nature, and roots.