Giving back brings a unique perspective to my work as an artist and my life as a human being.  By opening myself to promoting fund raising efforts, and sharing proceeds of my art with organizations that are meaningful to me, I become aware of the generosity and kindness of humanity.  I meet persons I would not otherwise come into contact with.  My world expands, and my ego transforms into a spiritual well that springs inside of me, continuously inspiring, and giving truth to my work.  Giving back, is also taking in, and realizing that my life experience is more meaningful, and flourishes as the giving comes full circle.


Loudoun Therapeutic Riding empowers and improves the lives of people with cognitive, physical and psychological disabilities through the benefits of equine-assisted activities and therapies, while serving the equine services industry through training and education.  Visit their web site for more information at

I will be donating charcoal sketches of their 14 beautiful horses, and Loudoun County landscape painting for auction at their 7th Annual Preakness event in Waterford, Virginia on May 20th.  Please come to this wonderful event!